Hey guys

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Hey guys

Postby ThomasFyrehart » 19 Aug 2014, 23:57

Hey everyone, Thomas Fyrehart here. Been playing video games since I was a kid, yet have actually managed to somehow not play some of the major franchises in gaming (Zelda, Street Fighter, etc.). lol. I don't necessarily have a favourite type of video game or anything, as my tastes are all over the place. Really depends on the game in most cases, not the genre. That said I'm not really big on FPS games (The only one I own is Halo 3, unless Portal 1 & 2 count).

I'll mostly play them with friends, or on my own if the story grips me, but that's about it (I generally have more fun playing them with other people anyway). I'm generally more of a Third Person guy than a First Person guy. That said I don't necessarily hate FPS games by any means, I'm just terrible at them. That being said I'm probably pretty crap at Tekken despite loving it so much. lol.

First encountered Jimmy when he reached out to me to be apart of the That Ruled team, which I'm still extremely grateful for, thanks to the friend I've made (Jimmy included) through being associated with the site.
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Re: Hey guys

Postby GrindheadJim » 28 Aug 2014, 18:16

Welcome, Tom!
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