Scheduling Raid Times

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Scheduling Raid Times

Postby BennettFiasco » 06 Jan 2015, 21:03

Hello Guardians,

My name is Bennett, the newly appointed Operations Chief for the Center 4 Douche Bag Control. I would like to schedule 2 nights a week for Raids.

Ideally, each of these two dates would include runs of VoG Normal and Hard Mode, and Crota’s End. Obviously, this would include CE HM as well, but after we will need to expand groups a bit.

Here’s my request to all C4DC-ers…
1. Please list your PSN ID.
2. Please list your hours of availability (and flexibility).
3. Please list your level of Raid experience.

1. UmbrellaFiasco
2. Weekdays after 7pm Central. Saturdays/Sundays flexible.
3. VoG: Never killed Atheon. CE: Never past 1st chest.

Hook me up with this info and I can get back to you all with two options that work for the most people and we can work together to get that sweet sweet Strength of the Pack trophy and I guess the raid gear, too.

Thank you!

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Re: Scheduling Raid Times

Postby GrindheadJim » 06 Jan 2015, 21:30

1. Grindhead_Jim
2. Friday through Tuesday before 1pm Central, and after 11:30pm Central, Wednesday and Thursday flexible.
3. VoG: beat multiple times on Normal and Hard, with and without cheese.
CE: Never beat Crota.

1. Grindhead_Jim
2. Thursday - Monday, only after 5pm CST, Tuesdays and Wednesdays flexible.
3. VoG: beat multiple times on Normal and Hard, with and without cheese.
4. CE: Have beaten Crota senselessly on multiple occasions.
5. PoE: have beat each version multiple times, and made Skolas my bitch.
5. KF: Beaten on regular multiple times, hard mode twice, never attempted any challenges.
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Re: Scheduling Raid Times

Postby SgtDeepSht » 25 Dec 2015, 13:02

2.Monday - Friday 3PM - 10PM(EST)
Weekends (Maybe earlier depending on how early I wake up)12PM - All Night(EST)
3.Just bought Destiny today, so I have no experience in a raid.
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