To emulate or not to emulate?

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To emulate or not to emulate?

Postby GrindheadJim » 28 Aug 2014, 19:12

I have always been a physical games guy, but, lately, I find myself really wanting a flash cart for my NES. Have I gone mad?

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Re: To emulate or not to emulate?

Postby ThomasFyrehart » 29 Aug 2014, 11:37

I pretty much just emulate games for consoles (home or handheld) that I don't own, and even then it's basically SNES, N64 (sort of but not really) and GB/GBA games. I would prefer to eventually get said consoles though.

Mainly a SNES & N64 anyway. Handheld wise I probably wouldn't look for a used GBA, I'd probably just look for a normal DS since it's backwards compatible with GBA games. Though at the same time, I'd really have to give a long hard look at the games I'd want for the consoles. I couldn't justify forking out all that money when it turns out I only want a handful of games per console. Hence why emulation can be handy.

That said, I'll never emulate PS1 games, despite some friends suggesting it to play certain Final Fantasy games. lol. I'll just see if a store chain called Gametraders has a copy going around that I could get first. Or even try the PSN store thing once I get a PS4 pending the games.

Though, I must say, if Sony decided to make an Ape Escape trilogy HD remake? Fuck buying a used copy of Ape Escape 1, I'd just get the HD remake thing. lol.
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Re: To emulate or not to emulate?

Postby BaltRavensFan20 » 29 Aug 2014, 16:45

I don't see emulating as anything bad. When I look at old classic games, its hard to find those at reasonable prices, because most are all jacked up and considered rare or hard to find. With emulation it gives people a chance to find those games at either a reasonable price, or depending on the quality of the game, free. I think for the most part devs of those games have either gone out of business, merged with another dev, or gotten their money out of the game.
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