to absorb the floor after the absorption

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to absorb the floor after the absorption

Postby Qizhenbi » 09 Aug 2017, 22:40

<p>fireproof board; surface is medium density board finish. The door leaf is made of fire retardant wood, and both sides of the skeleton are provided with fireproof board to protect the refractory material. The surface is made of medium density board. The curtain spraying paint has the advantages of fast processing, low cost, light weight and convenient installation. It is suitable for all kinds of high-rise building tube </p>
<p>doors and stairs door. 2 �� melamine paint free board, wooden fire door, fireproof door frame made of fire retardant wood and fire surface with fireproof board, the surface is polymer paint free panel finish. Do the door frame is composed of flame retardant wood frame on both sides of the fire protection board, in accordance with the requirements of the fireproof grade filling, refractory material, surface paint </p>
<p>melamine veneer, the door side using the same color or color PVC free paint edge. The style is beautiful, the color is diverse, and the installation is convenient. Suitable for all kinds of office, commercial, high-rise residential and other high-grade buildings. 3, high-grade decorative paint, wooden fire doors, fire doors, door frames made of fire-retardant wood, fire covered with fire board, the surface is decorated </p>
<p>بك الجدار الخارجي الكسوة<br />
الأخضر مركب السعر المبارزة<br />
us demand grows for wood plastic composite</p>
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