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Postby Qizhenbi » 10 Aug 2017, 01:10

<p>3., according to surface treatment methods can be divided into white door, paint door. 4., in the form of the door is divided into Ping gate, T type mouth door. 5. according to the doorand technology points of full glass door, half glass door doorpanel core board door etc.. &amp;nbsp; &amp;nbsp; two; solid wood door maintenance; 1., do not hang heavy items on the door leaf; open or close the door leaf, do not force </p>
<p>too much. 2. do not splash any corrosive solvents onto the door and door locks. Hinges, locks and other often moving hardware fittings, when loosening occurs, should be tightened immediately. If the door lock is not sensitive, you can write a small amount of pencil core for lubrication. 3. remove surface stains, can be used wet breathe, wipe with a soft cloth, not use too hard cloth to wipe the surface of the </p>
<p>door process in the process of cleaning, prevent the veneer veneer craft door surface damage, moreover can not use acidic alkaline washing liquid may surface cleaning process of the door, to prevent surface damage. 4. spring and winter should adhere to good indoor ventilation, so that the wood veneer door is in the process of normal temperature and humidity environment, prevent wood veneer door process </p>
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