12 mm reinforced floor

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12 mm reinforced floor

Postby Qizhenbi » 10 Aug 2017, 03:41

And other brands are committed to strengthening the floor and solid wood flooring prices, including the installation fee, skirting board, buckle, glue, mats and transportation and other related costs. Like the Seoul Erpin yellow oak 8.2 mm thick reinforced floor price of 99 yuan / square meter,
8 mm thick real gold oak 98 yuan / square meter. While Kenuo Senhua 8 mm thick classical oak reinforced floor 108 yuan / square meter, 11.3 mm thick walnut wood reinforced floor 128 yuan / square meter. Auman 8 mm reinforced floor 108 yuan / square meter, 12 mm reinforced floor 125 yuan / square meter.
Gold steel Oude 8 mm cherry wood, walnut and walnut wood to strengthen the floor price is 129 yuan / square meter. In short garden floor supplier , from the implementation of the above all-inclusive brand and not all-inclusive brand price comparison, the price is much higher.
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