Westbrook's raw emotion and mmogo

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Westbrook's raw emotion and mmogo

Postby buynba2k » 19 May 2017, 01:21

Westbrook's raw emotion and athleticism, and vice versa. No matter how hard some try to drive a NFL 18 Coins wedge between them,their friendship seems as strong as ever.People who think Westbrook shoots too much overlook that he averaged 11.3 assists per game this series. Durant's critics want to see him shoot more, but he's the playoffs' leader in both points (28.4) and field goal attempts (22.4) per game. Speculation on

Durant's impending free agency is just getting started, but where else can he find a teammate as sublimely talented as Russ? Here's hoping this wasn't their final ride together.Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are off to their postgame Young (royceyoung) May 23, 2016Vindication for the MVPTake a second to appreciate this picture:

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY SportsYou could watch Curry'shigh-arching bank shot to ice Game 6 or hisruthless dagger over a helpless Andre Roberson in Game 7, but this picture conveys everything you need to know about the MVP in this series. Here, the NBA's Nicest Guy is ripping the heart of Oklahoma City's chest, holding it above his head and showing it off before they bleed out. Strip away the pretense and

Curry is this league'smost callous and unmerciful assassin.When the Thunder were up 3-1, it seemed like the Cheap NFL Coins njuries Curry suffered earlier in the playoffs and the amazing play of the Thunder would deny the Warriors their rightful championship. Instead, it only added another layer to his legend. Could an injured player really pop off for 98 points in
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