got myself an Xbone One

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got myself an Xbone One

Postby Black0Panther » 12 Dec 2014, 00:09

I went and got a great deal on Black Friday. asssns Creed edition for $299. I hot MCC, Both Assisns Creed games, Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Far Cry 4 and few other games for it . Its not bad but there are things I dont like.

[*]Must have console on to watch tv.
[*]US is a complete mess
[*]Cant read incoming messages from friend cause it makes there reply in a white box with white writing.
[*]Controler feels clunky and is loud. Constant clicks when you move or touch anything

[*]I like the Ustream app though. I can watch streams of any game i choose off any console not just PS4 game list that is on PS4.
[*]MCC when it works is fun but online is a mess
[*]Sunset Over Drive looks like crap to me. Not a huge exclusive by any means
[*]Killer Instinct plays like crap.
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Re: got myself an Xbone One

Postby GrindheadJim » 23 Dec 2014, 19:55

So the grass, is, in fact, not greener?
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